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Company news about How To Do Water Park Investment Planning /How To Start A Water Park Project

How To Do Water Park Investment Planning /How To Start A Water Park Project


Latest company news about How To Do Water Park Investment Planning /How To Start A Water Park Project

As the hot item of tourism consumption , water park will be the hottest investment item in tourism. How can we planning a featured and a sustainable management water park?


First of all, reasonable scale control is the foundation of long-term operation of water park.

The construction scale of water park directly determines the amount of investment and determines the size of future operating pressure.


Generally speaking, Water park belongs to the recreational consumption resources of the local market and is not a unique tourist landscape resource, it’s difficult to ascend to the level of tourist destinations and its source market is basically concentrated in the surrounding three-hour drive circle, the mainly customer is young person and families, moreover, seasonal changes will be an important factor to influence the water park management. The best season for water park is April to October every year.


When we are planning for the size of our water park, first of all, we should estimate the capacity of potential source market then calculate the average number of visitors per day and the next step is decide how many land we need to buy. Also take into account the business period of holiday factors and design a reasonable visitor buffer area and increase the visitor's reception ability of the water park.


Then we need choose the best suitable equipments for our water park.


The choice of equipments is the core of a water park and what equipments can visitors to play is the key point of water park planning. In the process of contacting many water park investors, the most we heard from customers is to install the newest products and built a completely different water park with others. However, the “newest” is just a relative concepts, if we only focus on the “newest equipments” , will lead to soaring investment and significant increase in operating costs.

Therefore, when we choose the equipments, it is necessary to consider the routine amusement projects, but also to highlight the project’s feature, so we can not only control the cost of investment, but also reduce the operating cost of equipment.


Then we should not ignore the water park theme packaging and cultural tone.


As we know, in a good business situation, a water park can recoup the costs within 2 years. Aside from the close time of water park, it is generally possible to take back all of the water park investments in about 10 months, so there are too many people come to invest water park and inevitably produce a highly identical water park projects.


Finally, excellent management team and marketing team are the important guarantee for the sustainable profitability of water park.


Tourists in the water park play, the basic is in a disorderly state, they don’t know how to arrange time to experiences these equipments. This is a normal phenomenon, but if happened in the usually time, it will greatly increase the energy consumption and operating costs of the equipments, then we need a professional management team to control it.


In addition, an excellent marketing team will according to the festival factors and amusement items, design different themed carnival and festival party to ignite tourists ' consumption enthusiasm, create the new customers demand one by one.


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