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Company news about Douala Water Park in Cameroon

Douala Water Park in Cameroon


Latest company news about Douala Water Park in Cameroon


Douala Water Park is located in the biggest city Douala, Cameroon with an 20000 square meter covering areas, it is the largest indoor water park in Douala at present.


As the provincial capital of Littoral, Douala plays an important role in the industry and commerce, transportation junction and economy areas, people also called it “Financial capital”. Douala is very popular among visitors from the whole world with the black beach, delicious and inexpensive seafood, now the water park will be the next attractive place.


It was very cautious when the investor chose contractor in the beginning, After a year of consideration and comparison, they selected Trend Group at last. After sign with investors, Trend Group send the professional people to local place rapidly, draw up a plan for customer according to the specific of the land and the market requirement. About the selection of products, Trend Group chose today’s most popular, funny and thrilling equipments such as rainbow water slide, high speed water slide, spiral water slide, water house, wave pool, lazy river, boomerang water slide etc. All of these equipments will make this project more interesting.


Now the project has into the construction stage and it will be complete and open in June,2017. Douala water park will be the most characteristic water park in Douala even Cameroon and West Africa.

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