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Guangzhou Panyu Trend Waterpark Construction Co., Ltd latest company case about Hunan Moyang Java Water Park

Hunan Moyang Java Water Park


latest company case about Hunan Moyang Java Water Park

Java Water Park is located in Shuangquan Village, Zheqiao Town, Moyang City, covering an area of 50,000 square meters. With the theme of "Ocean Culture", it integrates summer style and high-tech water recreation projects, achieving the perfect combination of adventure experience and health concept, and is deeply loved by local people.
After experiencing the baptism of rain in the previous two days, we were always worried that the weather would be variable on the day we came here. The blurred light caused by the rain and the reduction in passenger flow are obviously not conducive to the photography work. Fortunately, the weather was exceptionally clear that day. I believe that as our last stop, this place is destined to be the most unforgettable memory.
As soon as you enter the park, you can hear the laughter from the children. It turned out that the official was holding an event during the summer vacation. Children's tickets were only 1 yuan as long as they were led by parents, which attracted many parents to bring their children to play in the water. Although the entire park is large, it was quickly filled with people due to the popularity of the event.
There is a sea of joy for children, and a place suitable for parents to release their passion. Follow the children's footprints and pass by the children's water competition area, followed by the yellow and blue large horn slide. This is a thrilling experience of multi-person interaction. Four people ride on leather chopsticks and set off from a 25-meter-high platform. As the huge waves crash down the dark slide, they then swing left and right in the loudspeaker, making people lose their sense of balance. At the same time, experience the feeling of weightlessness, and finally dive rapidly with the whirlpool, and then you can enter another world that suddenly opens up.
Next to the big horn slide is my favorite water slide, the King of Glasses. Its ultimate appearance and unique shape always give people a mysterious atmosphere. Tourists ride on the leather money on the platform, starting from the tail of the snake, constantly circling in its belly, and finally rush out of the body and slide to the mouth, giving people the pleasure of escaping from the snake's mouth, plus the snake's teeth spray spray The "venom" released has added another layer of tension to people
In addition, there are large water amusement equipment such as giant loops and high-speed slides, allowing you to experience the thrill of acceleration. There is also a Rainbow Bridge, allowing you to have a speed race with your family and friends. As the entertainment center of the entire water park, the tsunami pool and wave pool can always become a gathering place for tourists. The water ranges from deep to shallow, so no matter what your swimming skills are, you can find your own place in it.
When you are tired of playing, you can also choose to enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant. You can also lie on a kayak and move leisurely in the drifting river to enjoy another coolness and tranquility.

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